Vintage Kisses

Vikki ,UK, 21 ,single, Pinup and Rockabilly chick lover of the 50's ,vintage and Elvis Presly."Love me tender" pin up model.

Good night beauts πŸ’‹


summerschild asked: Maybe I shouldn't send this message because where I live it's 1am. and I'm not bored, only insomniac :-D But here you go, I went on tumblr, saw this post of yours, and I realised, I've been following you since months and I forgot it. Beautiful blog!


Aww thank you :)

crxminal-damage asked: Well someone's a bit perf


Aww aren’t you sweet 😘

Ask me stuff , talk ,do anything I’m bored and need some entertainmentπŸ˜‚


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